You will have to setup a clear policy when issuing advance disbursements for both a) reconciliation and b) guideless for not covering expenses.
Below is an example of items that could be excluded from this list:
• Any expenses related to the personal negligence of the traveller, such as non-cancelled hotel reservations and fines (including parking fines, speeding tickets, etc.)
• Loss or damage expenses for personal property, such as lost or stolen articles, damage to personal vehicles, clothing or other items.
• Entertainment expenses, such as fees for social or non-mandatory activities at conferences (tours, sports activities, etc.), alcoholic beverages (never allowable from state funds), inordinately expensive meals and lodging, videos charged to hotel/motel bills, etc.
• Vehicle expenses (other than rental, mileage, parking and tolls), such as charges to gain entry to a locked vehicle and towing charges.
• Travel expenses (including child care) related to family members or companions.
• Expenses for accidents or injuries when the employee is not on official business.
• Personal calls.
• Laundry expenses.
• Travel insurance of any kind!