Annoying habits to avoid

Annoying habits that irritate customers include the following examples: Take care not to subject customers to this sort of behaviour and unprofessional conduct.
• Being ignored and not greeted by staff.
• Being false and smiling insincerely at a customer
• To be yelled at
• To stand in long, slow-moving queues
• People that make no effort whatsoever
• Not paying attention to what the customer is saying
• Keeping customers waiting, without acknowledgement while completing a previous task
• To wait for service while you chat on the telephone
• Talking to a colleague when dealing with a customer.
• Unhelpful monosyllabic answers, especially “no”
• To be served by a person that smokes cigarettes or chews gum.
• Any negative body language
• People that don’t answer letters or return phone calls.
• Not thanking a customer when a transaction is completed.