The first consideration for the learning and development manager is, do they or their department have the skills and capabilities required to carry out the analysis?
Capability may include a specified time scale over which the analysis must be done or a limit to how much time can be spent. Alternatively, there might be a budgetary limit or restriction on how much can be spent or how many people can be involved. The learning and development manager will need to be clear on these factors before starting to ensure it is not beyond their capability.
As well as clarifying the quantity of resources available the learning and development manager will need to identify the skills required and ensure there are people available with those skills.

These skills fall into three categories:

Process skills – The ability to make plans, manage time, set targets, review progress etc.
People skills – The ability to start, build and maintain appropriate supportive relationships at all levels.
Content skills – The ability to collect, record and analyse data using a variety of appropriate tools and techniques.
The learning and development manager will need to call on these skills in various combinations throughout the analysis.