Changing Core Beliefs

Beliefs are firm convictions resulting from your experiences in life. The best leave you feeling positive about yourself, other people and the world.


The worst leave you feeling powerless.


Look at actual evidence of your beliefs by asking the following questions and notice how these beliefs influence your behaviour



Negative Beliefs


Positive Beliefs

I am a loser
I do not bother trying

What I am like

I am a winner

I keep trying

They hate me

I stay shy and reserved

What people think about me

People value me

I present myself confidently

Everyone is self-centred

I act selfishly

What others are like

People do care

I notice and return kindness

My childhood made me unhappy

I resist success

What the past means

My childhood helped me grow

I feel proud

Things always go wrong

I hold back from acting

What the future holds

I can make things right

I act with energy

The world is out to get me

I am always defensive

What the world is like

The world is a safe place

I am open minded