In your daily interactions with customers and colleagues, you will at times encounter confidential information, which requires professional conduct as discussed in the policy and procedures below.
1 Never gossip about or criticize your customers and colleagues.
2 Don’t divulge personal/sensitive details regarding your customers/colleagues. You could be held legally liable by doing so.
3 Treat the organization’s internal operations and future plans with confidentiality.
4 Never give out any information you may have regarding salaries – yours or anyone else’s.
5 Protect confidential documents and confidential words on your computer. Use passwords where possible.
6 If you are busy with a customer and the phone starts ringing, excuse yourself and attend to the call. It’s is rude to lift the handset and still be talking to the customer sitting with you. The caller doesn’t know what is happening and confidential information could be overhead.
7 If your manager is unavailable, – do not give out information about where and with who your manager is, should a person wish to speak to him/her. Rather try to assist the customer yourself or refer him/her to someone who will be able to assist him/her.
8 Be wary of the chatty caller who asks a lot of inappropriate questions, they might be from the media looking for a story.
9 Never give information regarding contact details of customers, e.g. home address, telephone numbers or any other personal information.
10 Never divulge any information regarding financial details of your customer.
The reason for not divulging company and customer information are many but the most important is for security of company information and the security of customers.
Never tell a caller that a colleague is out of town unless you know the caller well. You could be compromising their home security by informing a stranger that they are not at home.