Customer Service impact on your organisation

Customers are your organisations most important assets and the relationships you have with them will be the benchmark by which your organisation is judged in terms of customer focus and quality of service. Their attitudes towards your organisation will depend on the way in which you treat them.
The lack of caring for your customers could result in the organisation not reaching its true potential. Caring about the customer can create a competitive and harmonious organisation as people like dealing with people, who care and this results in the customers returning, generating repeated business and increased profits.
For every bad service a customer experiences he/she will tell at least 5 others, who in return will tell 5 more and soon, resulting in 10 people and more having a bad impression of the organisation, which is 10 potential customers lost – a loss of income / turnover for the organisation and loss of profits.
An organisation’s employees contribute in specific ways to create an overall positive experience for customers. As an employee, you represent the company’s image. If your image is professional and personal, then customers will have this image of the company.
The key to growth in an organisation lies in having a caring attitude towards all customers, even the difficult ones. Good customer service must therefore be a part of an organisation’s very reason for being, and not seen simply as a tool to prevent customers from going elsewhere.