Customer Service Importance

The more effective your customer care, the more business they will do with your company. The more business a company generates the more profit it stands to make.
This enables the company to pay competitive salaries and therefore makes good business sense to look after customers as a disciplined practice.
Customers are not dependent on you, you are dependent on them as they pay the salaries and without them, businesses have to close down and as a result, people would lose their jobs.
When customers make purchases or use services and are parting with hard-earned money, they like to be treated properly, irrespective of their gender, age, race, colour or creed, and will otherwise take their business elsewhere if not.
Keep in mind that you are the link between the outside world and your organisation and as first impressions are lasting, it is up to you to make your first impression count.
REMEMBER: If it were not for customers – there would be no need for your company!