Evaluating Support

Successful events are created by well-managed organizations. It may take from a few months to several years for the event to develop from the idea stage through to completion. The financial commitment during this time may be considerable. Suppliers must be assured that they will be paid. Many other aspects of the event will have to be planned and managed in great detail. These and other tasks will require a strong organization with businesslike decision making skills.
The committee should address the following questions:
• Is there a strong organization that can support the event?
• If there is support from a strong organization, is the organization fully capable of undertaking all of the planning and development or is outside assistance required and available?
If the supporting organization is already experiencing a shortage of resources (human or financial), the development of an event may only magnify these problems. The financial, organizational and planning capabilities of the organization should be honestly evaluated. Enthusiasm alone is not enough to ensure the success of an event.