First impressions and their importance

It is a well-known fact that people think they can accurately judge who you are in a very short amount of time. As a receptionist, customers, clients and coworkers will not only be judging you, but they will also judge your employer. You want to create positive reactions from coworkers and customers so it makes sense to put effort into creating a strong first impression.
As a receptionist and the first person to greet a customer, you want to ensure the impressions customers and coworkers have of you are exemplary.
To accomplish this we look at two areas in which you have control:

    • Your personal image
    • Your work space

Your personal image
Personal image is the silent signal you send. These characteristics contribute to your personal image:

    • Nonverbal cues
    • Appearance
    • Manner of communication
    • Attitudes
    • Cooperation
    • Self-confidence

You want the silent signal you send to be appropriate for the role, but how do you determine the role? Answer the following questions about your employer:
Where is the business located?