Generation of Standards – Stages in the Process

NSBs will oversee the generation and registration of standards in the organising field for which they are responsible. The locus of standards generation will be in broadly representative SGBs. The NSBs will undertake the recommendation of standards. In the case of both standards generation and registration, SAQA’s full-time NSB Co-coordinators facilitate the process by providing the administrative support necessary for both NSBs and SGBs to complete their work to SAQA’s schedules.
The standards setting process proceeds through three separate stages.
Stage 1 – Analysis and Planning
• Each NSB will monitor SGB activities to ensure that the skills and knowledge required in its field is captured.
• NSBs will then develop a plan which will include a:

    i Description of how Unit Standards will be developed
    ii List of the number and type of qualifications and standards that will be developed
    iii List of immediate priorities
    iv Timetable for the generation of qualifications and standards and the phasing out of any old or redundant qualifications.

Stage 2– The Development of qualifications and standards
• Each NSB will co-ordinate the development of its qualifications and standards by recognising SGBs which must:

    – Adopt , adapt or originate standards in a sub-field, or
    – Facilitate the consolidation of existing standards and/or qualification generation processes in the sub-fields for which it is responsible.

Where no standards generation processes are underway, NSBs, through the appropriate SGB, will commission the adoption, adaptation or gen- eration of qualifications and standards.
Stage 3 – Quality Assurance
• Each NSB will:

    i Propose the quality assurance system requirements for the quality of learning delivery and the assessment it will require for its qualifica- tions and standards
    ii Endorse accreditation and moderation proposals from ETQAs (under the guidance of SAQA)

• Each NSB will continuously and systematically review, revise and update the qualifications and standards in the organising field for which it is responsible.
• To ensure that the quality of qualifications and standards in the NQF remains high, SAQA will audit the standards setting work of each NSB and SGB.