Greeting the Customer

The way you greet your customer is important for creating a favourable first impression of yourself and the company.
Here are a number of key points that you should remember:
• Whilst what you say and do is important, what really counts is your posture when you say and do it.
• The most powerful form of communication is behaviour.
• The tone of your voice shows what you feel and think.
An important step in providing exceptional customer care is learning how to greet your customers properly. Here are some suggested practices to follow when greeting customers.
1 Always portray good manners
2 Greet your customers when you see them. Smile with sincerity and say “Good Morning/Afternoon”
3 If you are being introduced – acknowledge the introduction with a sincere smile and friendly greeting in return.
4 Familiarise yourself with your company’s policy regarding titles and use of them correctly.
5 Be warm, good natured, patient and be as courteous and helpful as possible.
6 Never allow customers to see your private moods or preoccupations.
7 Allow the customer to speak without interrupting him/her.
8 Don’t consider customers to be an interruption of your work. No matter how much work you have or how often the phone rings, you should never be too busy to give a customer your undivided attention.
9 Your handshake says a lot about you. A firm handshake (without pumping or clutching) shows confidence, warmth, openness, and sincerity. A weak limp handshake indicates the opposite. A bone-crusher handshake tells people you’re a dominating, insensitive type person.