Greeting visitors

To the customer, you are the company, especially for first-time customers or clients. These individuals rarely know what occurs elsewhere in this company. As first-time customers or clients, they are building experience as they go. Their first experience with your company could be with you. So it is important to ensure they are attended to immediately. You can begin with eye contact and a smile.
People speak with their eyes as well as with their words. One way to make your customer feel comfortable is through effective eye contact. By making eye contact with your customers, you will get their undivided attention, and they will have yours. Adding a smile is a great touch. Now you have their attention, and they sense your sincerity.
Use an appropriate greeting:

    Good morning
    Good afternoon
    Good evening

Ask, “May I help you?” You should personalize this question so it matches your employer’s vision of services. Of course, you should seek out a customer’s needs and questions and offer assistance.
As a receptionist, it may be your job to:
• Take information
• Confirm appointments
• Inform their party of the visitor’s arrival