Guidelines for compiling a report

Below are some general guidelines to follow when compiling a report:

     Ensure you have adequately planned your report prior to beginning to write it.
     Determine the most effective data gathering method for each individual situation.
     Ensure that all data gathering issues are confidential in nature.
     Do a thorough background investigation of the issue and read various resources to assist you in your data gathering.
     Ensure that your data gathering methods are correct and in line with your organisations’ policies and procedures.
     Ensure that your sources include subject experts, managers, employees, learners, ETD Practitioners, workplace sills plans, training records, course evaluations, and learner records when focusing on skills audit reports.
     Interpret the data you have gathered in a scientific manner, so that your conclusions and recommendations are based on the correct information.
     Ensure that you have appropriate appendices.
     Include a glossary of terms for any unusual terms, industry specific acronyms or technical terms. (E.g. SAQA, NQF, etc.)
     Ensure all information is compiled in a user friendly and professional format.