Handling Objections by using Transitions

Objection: How can you guarantee that what you are telling me is true?
Transition: Mr. Smith, I completely understand your concern.
Handling the Objection
• Many other customers have said the same thing. Fortunately that us why I am calling you because instead of sending you literature through the post, it gives you a chance to ask questions and get to see the quality of service that you can expect from us.
Objection: I’m not interested in your service.
Transition: Mr. Smith, I understand how you feel and at this stage don’t want you to accept something you really don’t want.
Handling the objection
• I feel our service could be of interest to you and my objective is to answer any questions that you might have. May I ask why you are not interested at this time?
Objection: I don’t have the time.
Transition: Mr. Smith, I’m sorry for calling at a bad time. What time later today or tomorrow would it be better for me to give you a call back?
Handling the objection:
• It’s important that we have the time to go through the benefits that this product could bring to you. I look forward to talking with you later.
Objection: No!
Transition: Mr. Smith, obviously there is a reason why you are not interested.
Handling the objection:
• In the past, I have been told that I’m a bit unclear. May I ask what I said that turned you away?
Objection: I can’t afford it
Transition: Mr. Smith, at first glance I can see that the service looks expensive.
Handling the objection:
• Why do you believe that the service isn’t worth the investment when you look at the benefits we have already agreed on?
Objection: Let me think it over.
Transition: Mr. Smith, its important to me that you make the most informed decision.
Handling the objection:
• May I ask why you want to think it over? Are you interested in the service? What elements are giving you concern? What can I do to help you to make the decision while all the information is fresh in your head?
Objection: Please send me some literature instead.
Transition: Certainly Mr. Smith, your interest in our literature is important.
Handling the objection:
• What areas are you looking to read about, perhaps I can help you?
• What information have I not covered?
• By asking for the literature I assume that you are interested in our offer?