Impact or Advantages of Outcome Based Education – OBE

OBE has several advantages for the education and training in South Africa, such as the following:

    Learners know exactly what is expected from them as unit standards make it very clear what is required from them.
    There is greater buy-in and support for OBE from all role-players due to the extensive level of consultation and stakeholder involvement.
    OBE requires that international best practices be incorporated in ETD design.
    Well-defined assessment criteria makes it clear to both assessors and learners how assessment will take place.
    Assessment is more objective and fair as a result of the predetermined assessment criteria.
    OBE promotes the acquisition of specific skills and competencies in a country in which there are many skills shortages.
    OBE fosters a better integration between education at school, workplace and higher education level.
    OBE helps learners to accept responsibility for learning, as they are now at the centre of the learning process.
    Recognition of prior learning prevents the duplication and repetition of previous learning situations.