Anyone who has been assigned to plan a big event knows how much work and stress go into making sure every element comes together on time and as directed. A venue must be found and secured for the correct date. Food must be ordered and delivered or a pick-up must be coordinated. Entertainment must be found and booked. Multi-media concerns have to be taken care of as well. Guests need to be invited. Not to mention all of the thousands of other tiny details that must to come together on time to make an event work. If you’re trying to attend to other duties at the same time, it can be maddening. For this reason, many companies find that when it’s time to plan an event, it’s best to hire a professional event planner to handle the job.
Event planning is a relatively new career field. Although the job itself is not new, many colleges and universities are beginning to offer event planning as a major or field of study. Event planners are trained to handle special events. If you are in inexperienced employee assigned to handle an event, you can spend most of your time just trying to find a good caterer or a good venue. Most professional event planners are invaluable for their contacts and lists of approved caterers, venues, entertainment, d├ęcor, etc. Many event planners are also trained to handle budgeting, advertising, and marketing of the event. They are also responsible for the planning of the event as well as on-site coordination on the scheduled day. If planning an event is in your company’s future than an event planner will be an important asset.