Individual Development Plan:DEVELOPMENTAL ACTIVITIES

Developmental activities are undertaken by an individual to achieve a developmental objective. Some objectives may be achieved by the familiar means of formal training and attending events such as conferences and seminars. However, the skills, knowledge and abilities that comprise many competencies may be better learned and practiced by means of other activities. Activities other than formal training classes or attending meetings that are appropriate for IDPs include the following:

    *Job shadowing.
    *Reviewing and analyzing examples.
    *Internship, apprenticeship.
    *On-the-job training.
    *Video- or computer-based instruction.
    *Special project/assignments.
    *Structured interviews with content experts.
    *Correspondence courses.
    *“Just doing it.”
    *Rotational assignments.

In most cases, these activities are not as expensive as formal training. They can often be accomplished without travel while on the job