Interaction with customers using appropriate communication

If you want to create a positive, friendly and professional impressions then consider applying the following non-verbal.
Look the part (by your dress and grooming a person will decide whether you are professional long before a word is spoken).
Use warm, friendly gestures.
Greet customers with a real and sincere smile. In this way you will; come across as being non-threatening and trustworthy.
• If a customer approaches you, you should stand up and face the person – this shows a sign of respect.
• Avoid folding your arms as this indicates a defensive and negative attitude.
• Avoid standing with hands in your pockets, it could be interpreted that you are not to be trusted.
• Avoid drumming your fingers or jiggling your feet, this indicates that you are not interested.
• Show open palms of your hands. This demonstrates openness and honesty.
The second most important part to making a positive impression is the way we speak to customers. It is not so much what we say but rather how we say it that counts.
Consider the following suggestions in effective communication with customers:
• Keep a smile in your voice by putting a smile on your face and in your eyes.
• Talk clearly and be careful not to talk too quickly.
• Modulate your pitch and loudness of your voice.
Try to get to know your customers by asking questions, for example:
• Name
• Company
• Reason for visit
• Offer to give details and information on services, places of attraction.
• Address customers by name where possible.
• Offer further assistance.