Organisations Quality Assurance Requirements

A recordkeeping policy is a vital component of any records management programme. A policy provides the framework within which such a programme operates. It affirms an organisation’s commitment to ensure that authentic, reliable, and usable records are created, captured, and managed to a standard of best practice and to meet the organisation’s business and legislative requirements. It can be an effective means of communicating to staff their recordkeeping responsibilities and is itself a record of an organisation’s attempt to meet requirements for accountability.

By promoting good recordkeeping practices, a recordkeeping policy can also assist an organisation to meet its key business objectives.

While the main driving forces and general principles behind a recordkeeping policy are constant across organisations, each organisation’s policy needs to reflect its own specific recordkeeping requirements. Records managers have a crucial role to play in shaping the recordkeeping strategy and practices of their organisation. This guide is intended to assist them to develop an effective recordkeeping policy as part of a comprehensive records management programme.