‘Provider’ means a body that delivers learning programmes focused on the achievement of specified NQF qualifications and standards. A provider also
manages the assessment of learning achievements.
An ETQA may accredit a body that meets the specified criteria, when an application is received. Broadly, accreditation is concerned with the prospective provider’s capacity and capability to provide.
Criteria for Accreditation
A body may be accredited as a probder when both the ETQA and the provider have the same primary focus. Accreditation also depends on twhether the provider:
*is registered as a provider in terms of applicable legislation
*has a quality management system
*is able to develop, deliver and evaluate learning programmes which lead to specified registered qualifications and standards.
*has the necessary:

    -financial, administrative and physical resources
    -policies and practices for learners entry, guidance and support system.
    -policies and practices for the management of off-site practical or work-site components.
    -policies and practices for the management of assesmsnet
    -report procedures
    -ability to achieve the desire outcomes, using available resources and procedures considered by the ETQA.

*has not already been granted accrditation by or applied for accreditation or another ETQA.