Purpose and philosophical of Level Descriptors for the South African National Qualifications Framework

1.The purpose of level descriptors for Levels One to Ten of the National Qualifications Framework is to ensure coherence in learning achievement in the allocation of qualifications and part qualifications to particular levels, and to facilitate the assessment of the national and international comparability of qualifications and part qualifications.
2.In order to advance the objectives of the NQF, the South African Qualifications Authority is responsible for the development of the content of the level descriptors for each level of the NQF in agreement with the three Quality Councils: The Council on Higher Education, Umalusi and the Council for
Trades and Occupations.
3. The philosophical underpinning of the National Qualifications Framework and the level descriptors is applied competence, which is in line with the outcomes-based theoretical framework adopted in the South African context.
4. Ten categories are used in the level descriptors to describe applied competencies across each of the ten levels of the National Qualifications Framework:

    • Scope of knowledge
    • Knowledge literacy
    • Method and procedure
    • Problem solving
    • Ethics and professional practice
    • Accessing, processing and managing information
    • Producing and communicating of information
    • Context and systems
    Management of learning
    • Accountability