Qualities of a valuable receptionist

Customers and clients look to companies for products and services that make their lives easier. When a customer enters a place of business subconsciously assume the first person they encounter is obligated to solve their problems. Often the first person they see first is a receptionist.
The customer may act as if a receptionist should know everything. It is not
possible for a receptionist to know everything, but they can:
• Diagnose problems
• Create the next step
A good receptionist has a talent for adapting general knowledge of company business to solve a wide range of problems. One quality receptionists have is problem solving.
In reviewing qualities and careers, we see most careers require special qualifications. Careers such as carpentry emphasize physical abilities and a mechanical aptitude. A career as a receptionist requires an aptitude for internalizing the general knowledge of a company’s business.
General knowledge of your company’s business means:

    • Awareness of customers’ and clients’ needs
    • Facts about customers expectations
    • A working knowledge of the products and services a company delivers
    • Knowledge of company policies relating to customers and
    • employees
    • Telephone competency
    • Familiarity with the primary software used by the company
    • Knowledge of the organization’s basic record keeping principles
    • A sense of the power distribution within the organization

• Receptionists are the most visible employees
• Receptionists are the first to meet and greet customers or clients
• First impressions are lasting impressions
• Right or wrong we judge the new people we meet
• Customers judge the organization by the receptionist behaviors