Re: Selecting a suitable coach

Question to ask during an interview
What follows are a some interview questions to help you determine to what degree the candidate practices the skills or possesses the qualities on the matrix:
 What experience have you had in coaching others?
 What do you like best about coaching someone on the job?
 What do you dislike about it?
 What are your skills or qualities that will make you a successful coach?
 How have you handled (or will you handle) your regular workload while taking on the additional coaching responsibility?
 What do you see (or anticipate) as the biggest problem or barrier in coaching someone?
 How have you handled this problem or barrier in the past (or how will you handle this barrier)?
 How did you learn to do your job?
 What did you like or dislike about the way you learned?
These questions will not only provide you with insight into the candidate’s coaching skills but also his or her general attitude in assuming additional responsibilities.