Reading skills

Reading is a core activity of study and it is very important for learners to be aware of the deeper impact of their reading. The underlying purposes of reading are:

    familiarisation with new ideas and information
    *expansion of vocabulary
    *development of thinking
    * looking at problems from different angles

You can work with learners to help them read more effectively and help them to develop skills to:

    clarify what they are looking for
    * find information quickly
    *use a recommended reading list effectively
    *examine sources effectively
    *select relevant information
    *make maps of ideas
    *read effectively
    *use additional technical equipment

Based on these steps learners should be able to build a personal strategy to develop and improve reading effectiveness.

To help learners engage with the ideas in the text they could do the following:

    define the task
    *underline or highlight the key points (only if the text is your own personal property!)
    *take notes
    *stop to look ahead or back in the text when the thread of the argument has been lost
    *critically analyse a short section
    *check across to other sources
    *summarise the key points
    *monitor progress
    *change the approach when necessary

To be effective readers your learners have to be able to work out what they are trying to achieve and how well they are progressing.