Report writing skills

A report is a formal piece of written work based on facts, process or test. It is usually written in a concise style, giving precise details. It is useful to draw the attention of your learners to three important points:

*audience – Who is the report for?
*aims – What end result do they want – to inform, persuade, recommend?
*topic and focus – What is the main subject area and which particular aspect/issues will the report cover?

The procedure of report writing includes:

    *defining the aims to be achieved
    *deciding the appropriate format
    *writing a report plan
    *selecting the content
    *structuring clearly
    *editing – related to: correction of style and language errors, critical rationalisation of the content, pagination, layout, etc.
    *writing final version

The main structural elements of every report are: title, author, summary, abstract/synopsis, acknowledgment, terms of reference/remit, foreword, aims, objectives, introduction, methodology, findings/results, conclusions, recommendations, references/bibliography, appendices and index.

You can suggest that learners use the following planner to plan activities and improve their report-writing skills.

Planner: “Improving report-writing skills