Sales & The Telephone

The Selling Equation
The basic equation of selling can be stated as
Activity + Skill + Attitude = Results
This formula applies to telesales.
• Activity = number of calls handled
• Skill = ability to convert calls to sales
• Attitude = professional and enthusiastic approach.
• Results = sales.
The Telesales Process
The telesales process involves the following components:
• Information
• People
• Product
The end result of a successful telesales process is the generation of a customer-focused solution.
Telephone Techniques
How to give a bad impression on the phone:
• Don’t answer at all.
• Don’t identify yourself or the organization
• Don’t appear to be interested in the customer
• Don’t listen to the customer.
• Don’t inspire confidence
• Leave the customer on hold
• Cut the customer off while transferring them.
• Be rude or condescending to the customer
Managing First Impressions
The call starts with a verbal handshake where the customer is greeted. The customer expects to be treated in a way that is:
• Professional
• Courteous
• Personal
The first impression usually has an impact on whether or not the call will generate a sale.