SAQA Functions

The primary function of SAQA (also called ‘the Authority’) is to oversee the development and implementation of the NQF (also called ‘the Framework’).
In terms of section 5(1) of the South African Qualifications Authority Act (1995), SAQA must:

    • Oversee the development of the NQF Formulate and publish policies and criteria for:
    – registering bodies responsible for establishing education and training qualifications and standards (NSBs and SGBs)
    – accrediting bodies responsible for monitoring and auditing achievements in terms of such qualifcations and standards (ETQAs)
    • Oversee the implementation of the NQF, including:
    – registering or accrediting the above mentioned bodies and assigning their functions
    – registering national qualifications and standards
    – ensuring compliance with provisions for accreditation
    – benchmarking standards and registered qualifications internationally
    • Advise the Minister on the registration of qualifications and standards.
    • Be responsible for the control of the finances of the Authority