Scoping the analysis

Having confirmed the required skills are available and identified all the requirements of the various stakeholder groups, the next step in the preparation is to define the scope of the analysis. This will clarify what is to be included and what is to be left out of the process.

Typical questions to be asked at this stage include:

    *What is the main purpose of the analysis?
    *What are the main areas to be covered?
    *What information will be needed?
    *Who are the main people to be directly involved?
    *Which divisions, departments, locations will need to be visited?
    *How much time can be devoted to this and when has it got to be finished?
    *What tools and techniques are likely to be needed and do we have the expertise to use them effectively?

Having clarified what resources and capabilities are available, what the needs of the stakeholder groups are and scoped out the breadth and depth of the analysis, the learning and development manager should be ready to start.