Selecting the Appropriate Method

The method of assessment will depend on:

    • The competencies assessed.
    • The circumstances of assessment.

An outcomes-based system aims at integrating knowledge, skills and application. All assessment activities should be developed in such a way that they ensure that the learner understands:


When dealing with knowledge, and the processing of knowledge, the learner works through a variety of mental processes such as:
Recalling Memorising or identifying facts.
Comprehending Understanding the meaning or intention of information.
Applying Using knowledge to deal with new situations and problems.
Analysing Observing the underlying ideas that make up a body of information.
Synthesising Putting information together in new ways.
Evaluating Making a judgement about something based on evidence, criteria or standards.

Skills require the co-ordination of mental and physical activities (psychomotor). The assessor will assess the process and co-ordination.
Attitude and attributes will be reflected in the learner’s behaviour and performance. The assessor needs to understand that there are many different ways to assess the evidence.
A variety of assessment methods can be used for gathering evidence in order to judge the competency of a learner according to a unit standard.
Assessments can be conducted via observation of the learner, verbal interaction with the learner or in written format.