What is the South African Qualifications Authority?

The South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) is a juristic person – that is an entity given a legal personality by the law. The South African Qualifications Authority Board is a body of 12 members appointed by the Ministers of Education after consultation with the Minister of Labour. The members are nominated by identified national stakeholders in education and training.

SAQA’s role is to:

  • advance the objectives of the NQF;
  • oversee the further development of the NQF; and
  • co-ordinate the sub-frameworks.

What is a National Qualifications Framework?

The National Qualifications Framework (NQF) is a comprehensive system approved by the Minister for the classification, registration, publication and articulation of quality-assured national qualifications.

In short, the NQF is the set of principles and guidelines by which records of learner achievement are registered to enable national recognition of acquired skills and knowledge, thereby ensuring an integrated system that encourages life-long learning.

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