Skills of an Effective Supervisor

The owners of companies, especially large companies, do not have the time to supervise each and every employee who works for them. They hire supervisors to ensure employees are using company time productively and effectively. The employees will follow the lead of their supervisor, and if the skills the supervisor have are effective, it will show in the department’s overall performance.
a. Supervisor
o A supervisor is team leader, coach, overseer, area manager or facilitator in a company or a department of a company they work for. The job of the supervisor is to properly instruct the employee on how to perform their work duties. When employees’ productivity is down, the supervisor will be held accountable by their superior.
b. Time Management
o The supervisor is responsible for assuring that the employees are using their paid work time to do company work. Companies do not like to waste money, and wasting time is wasting money. Therefore, the supervisor must monitor the employee occasionally, and ensure they are using their time effectively. Productivity is what the company pays for, and if an employee is surfing the Internet, or taking personal calls all day, they are not using their work time to be productive.
c. Controlling the Working Environment
o When problems arise with workers, an effective supervisor will rectify the situation immediately. When co-workers are in an intense environment, they tend not to work well. The supervisor will need to use her skills to come to some type of resolution that will not keep productivity of their department down. If a supervisor does not have the skills to ease tension, this is can cause higher management to question their supervising skills.
d. Delegate Tasks
o An effective supervisor will delegate jobs and use their authority ethically. Everyone knows that the supervisor in their department is their boss, so the supervisor does not have to broadcast this daily. If an employee slacks on the job, this will be an instance when the supervisor will have to use his authority in a positive way, to get the employee to perform, and to perform well. Also, the supervisor will know which employees can handle what task, and appropriately delegate their tasks if they become overwhelming.
e. Motivational Skills
o An effective supervisor has good motivational skills. Employees often need to be motivated to perform well on the job, especially when they are handed a task they believe they will not succeed with. An effective supervisor will boost up their confidence, and tell them they can do the task with no problem. Motivation skills are also necessary for the supervisor in cases when an employee is facing hardships, death, or other personal issues outside of work. The supervisor should motivate the employee to continue to work as they have been working, letting them know that things will get better with time and patience.