Statement of Results VS Certificate

Many training providers deliver the learning, complete the assessment process and issue the learner with a certificate without completing the verification process or registering with the SETA. This might be due to:

    *Client only process payment on final certificate.
    *Training Provider is not fully registered or qualified to complete the process.
    *Delay in the verification process
    *Getting rid of those learners who constantly asking for their certificates.

The correct process that should be followed by a Training Provider:

    1. Register the learner.
    2. Deliver the learning.
    3. Complete the Assessment Process.
    4. Moderate a sample of the POE’s (internal Moderation)
    5. Schedule for SETA Verification (external Moderation)
    6. Completion of the registration and uploading process.
    7. Issue of final competency Certificate.

SOR or Statement of Results
SOR or the Statement of Results is a electronic document / print-out from the SETA’s database to confirm that the learner was registered (appears on the SETA Database). This document should be used with any registration process to ensure the learner was in fact registered and competent and far more important than the Certificate that most of the Training Providers produce themselves.
It’s quite common for learners (Trainers, Assessors and Moderators) to discover years later when they want to use their skills that they not registered with the SETA. By now the Training Provider closed down and no-where to be found.
Currently we getting between 1 and 3 learners a month who re-do their courses at TRAINYOUCAN because the previous training provider never followed the correct process. Some of the learners only discover this after 6 and 8 years when they retire and want to use their certificate to generate extra income or applying for a new position.
Hang your certificate on the wall and lock the SOR or Statement of Results Document in the safe! Always ask for your SOR!