How to maintain Good Customer Service

Good Customer Service is all about bringing customers back and sending them away not just happy, but happy enough to pass positive feedback about your business along to others.

In today’s competitive environment, it is no longer a sufficient condition for businesses to just be able to sell a great set of products and deliver effective service, but rather a necessary condition that they deliver and maintain good and extraordinary customer service on a daily basis.

Whether it is a large corporation or a small enterprise, every business has customers. Without these customers, a business cannot survive.

While good customer service often requires managers and employees to work hard and remain ethical, in many instances, it also requires them to sacrifice personal comforts to meet the expectations of the customers. Poor customer service can lead to decreased profits, a negative workplace environment and tarnished reputation of an organisation, all of which may be difficult and costly to overcome.

Research has shown that a 5 percent decrease in the rate of bad customer service can cause a 25 to 80 percent increase in profits.

It is therefore incumbent upon organisations, not only to provide good customer service but more importantly, that it is maintained and constantly refreshed.

In order to do so, these tips can be followed:

    1. Commit to quality service – everyone in the organisation must be devoted to creating a positive experience for each customer. This may require always going above and beyond customers’ expectations.


    1. Know your products – Employees should have in depth knowledge of products, services, and policies. They should be given the proper training and resources they need to become experts or professionals at their jobs.


    1. Know your customers – An effort should be made to know everything there is to know about customers so that employees can tailor services to their needs.


    1. Never arguing with customers – it is important to focus on resolving the problem rather than fixating on the problem.


    1. Treat people with respect and courtesy – Customers must always be treated with respect, whether it is by email, face-to-face, written correspondence or via telephone – that interaction leaves a lasting impression with the customers.


    1. Focus on keeping customers, not on making sales – keeping a customer’s business is more important than closing a sale. A happy customer is a loyal customer and a loyal customer is the best way to find new customers.


  1. Be open to feedback – Customers’ feedback, whether positive or negative, is important in maintaining good customer service and should be taken seriously and given the needed attention. Once customers realize that all their concerns are being taken into consideration, then mutual respect and trust is earned.

Remember: It does not take any longer to provide good customer service than it does to provide poor service. If the organisation fails the customers, then undoubtedly, the customers will fail the organisation.