The trainee or learner – training evaluation responsibilities

    *Involvement in the planning and design of the training programme where possible
    *Involvement in the planning and design of the evaluation process where possible
    *Obviously, to take interest and an active part in the training programme or activity.
    *To complete a personal action plan during and at the end of the training for implementation on return to work, and to put this into practice, with support from the line manager.
    *Take interest and support the evaluation processes.

N.B. Although the principal role of the trainee in the programme is to learn, the learner must be involved in the evaluation process. This is essential, since without their comments much of the evaluation could not occur. Neither would the new knowledge and skills be implemented. For trainees to neglect either responsibility the business wastes its investment in training. Trainees will assist more readily if the process avoids the look and feel of a paper-chase or number-crunching exercise. Instead, make sure trainees understand the importance of their input – exactly what and why they are being asked to do.