Topics to discuss with planning an event.

Objective for the event
1. What is the reason for the event?
2. What is the event expected to accomplish for the organization, participants, visitors and the community?
Event theme or concept
1. A basic statement about the nature of the event.
2. Is it unique? How distinctive is it?
3. Are there similar kinds of events?
4. What will be the nature of programming?
Target market for the event
1. Who is going to come to the event?
2. Where will attendance be drawn from?
3. Does the event complement or conflict with other events?
1. Length of event
2. Daily and total attendance
3. Projected attendance in future years
Revenue estimates
1. Admission
2. Food/beverage sales
3. Other revenues, including grants and sponsors
Cost estimates
1. Facility requirements
2. Entertainment
3. Food and beverage costs
4. Licensing requirements and costs
5. Advertising and promotion
6. Printing and distribution costs
7. Other costs
With this kind of analysis, a decision can be made whether to proceed with the event. The next step is to establish a date with sufficient lead time to allow for proper organization and adequate promotion of the event.