Transferring learning

Definition of education
Education is an activity directed at providing knowledge, skills, moral values and understanding required in the normal course of life.
This process starts from birth. Education is a life-long process-preparing individuals for life. Education is not restricted to schools. Organisations provide education opportunities to its employees to prepare them for the challenges of life in the work situation.
Examples: educating employees in the implication of AIDS.
Definition of training
Training entails the transfer of specific skills to an employee so that he or she can perform a specific task or job. Training is tasks-orientated; it concerns itself with skills acquisition and work performance.
Training is conducted when a particular training need has been identified.
Examples: gap in performance or introduction of new technology.
Definition of development
Development focuses on employee development rather than the development of a particular individual. Development occurs when ongoing learning opportunities are created so that employees can improve and maintain high levels of performance. This is directly linked to the achievements of business goals.
Examples: mentorship programmes, career development and ongoing seminars
Any effective education, training and development practice will follow a natural cycle. The diagramme below summarises the cycle: