Types of Presentations

As you set out to prepare a presentation, you must decide on the purpose for speaking. Generally, there are five purposes for delivering a presentation:

    1. Persuading.
    2. Informing.
    3. Motivating.
    4. Entertaining.
    5. Inspiring.

The first three–persuading, informing, and motivating-are the most common purposes for business presentations.

Sometimes, presentations have more than one purpose.

Persuasive presentations

This type of presentation is designed to get your listeners and/or learners or learners to accept a specific point of view.

In some cases, you may want a total change in their attitudes and behaviors.

In other cases, you may simply want to influence their thinking.

Informative presentations

This type of presentation is designed to give information to the listeners and/or learners and/or learners in an unbiased manner.

Your goal is to deliver information accurately so
the listeners and/or learners and/or can utilize it as they see fit.

Motivational presentations

Designed to move listeners and/or learners to specific action. Motivational presentations are often confused with inspirational presentations.

The purpose of an inspirational presentation is simply to stimulate the listeners and/or learners’ thinking and feelings on the subject.