Concentration span of an individual varies with each, as some have mental health problems which prevent them from concentrating, whilst others just find it difficult to concentrate on one thing at once. Any learner has an average concentration span of between 20 to 30 min at a time.
Never plan a session longer than 2 to 3 hours and remember to allow enough time for review and activities.
The start of a training session is very important and set the standard for the learning intervention. The following factors are very important when planning the induction or start of the training session:
A) Occupation Health and Safety

    -Evacuation Procedures
    -Power Failure
    -Medical / Additional Support – Who to ask
    -Anyone with a medical condition that we must be aware of

B) General Proceedings

    -Smoke Breaks
    -When can they ask questions?
    -Locations of Toilets
    -Agenda – When are we taking breaks?
    -Access area’s in the facility
    -Cell phone use
    -Temperature Control – Indicate if it’s too cold or hot
    -Urgent Messages for you can be left at XXXXX
    -Respect each other – (cultures)
    -Be an ambassador for your company
    -Catering Requirements
    -Timing – keep to the topics and time for the breaks
    -Facilitators contact details
    -Any special needs from learners
    -Visibility – All can see on the flipchart
    -Audio – Can everyone hear you?
    -How to indicate if you have a question
    -Language use – English
    -Introduction of each learner – Name, from where

C) Facilitator

    -Name and contact details
    -What experience do you have as a Facilitator?
    -What experience do you have as a facilitator in this field?
    -What experience do you have a s a facilitator with this learning program

D) Learning Program Introduction

    -What is the purpose of this learning program?
    -What is the objective / what can I benefit from this learning program?
    -What it the Objective and the learning outcomes for this learning program.
    -What entail the learning program for the day – period (what process and time lines are involved)
    -What can I benefit from this learning / listening?