Understanding How People Learn

Before you coach /teach/train or designate someone else to do so, there are several other principles to keep in mind about how adults learn.
Who Are You Coaching/Teaching/Training?
 The Concrete Experiencer
 The Reflective Observer
 The Abstract Conceptualizer
 The Active Experimenter
Concrete Experience.
People who favor this mode learn through feeling rather than thinking. They like to be involved with people, and they prefer less structure in the learning environment. They approach learning with an open mind.
Reflective Observation.
This mode focuses on learning by watching and observing. These learners try to understand the meaning of ideas and situations by observing them and objectively describing what they see.
Abstract Conceptualization.
Those who learn by this method prefer thinking over feeling. They take a scientific, systematic approach to learning.
Active Experimentation.
With the emphasis on practical application, learners who prefer this mode are action-oriented and want to get things done. They take risks.