Why keep training records?

In some cases, employers may need to document training to meet a regulatory requirement, but regulatory compliance is not the only reason to keep training records. Training documentation may be needed as part of an internal management or quality system. Training records are also useful when evaluating the effectiveness of training programs.

Training records are evidence that certain people attended certain classes. Typically, training documentation includes the training topic, the name of the instructor, the date, and the trainee’s name. The trainer passes around a sign-in sheet at the training session or keeps a separate safety training file for each employee. Some trainers have each trainee sign or initial the training documentation. While the format of training records varies, all training documentation needs to be kept up to date and should be revised following each training session.

Other types of documentation can be useful to safety trainers. While not exactly “records,” training program contents can be used to document how employees were trained. Quizzes can be used to help gauge training effectiveness. Many trainers use surveys to get input for the training program. All of this documentation can be part of a complete training recordkeeping program.